Monday, October 14, 2013

Steam ICE Snes9x + Bsnes temp ugly fix

Here is a little thing I put together as a temp fix for people who want to use the snes9x emu for snes games and bsnes for nes games. There might have been an easy way to do this but watching someone try to get it working made me not look for an easy solution lol. So here it is:

Download :

Instructions : Delete or Rename or Backup the bsnes.exe, found here
"C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Scott Rice\Ice\Emulators\Winbsnes".
Then extract everything in the archive into that directory (overwrite if asked).

Changes :
- No visible console.
- Doesn't conflict with ICE

To Update Emus:
Put all Snes9x related files in the Snes9x folder.
For Bsnes update files and then rename the updated bsnes.exe to bnesemu.exe and then extract/use the bsnes.exe from the archive.

Alternatively if you would like a different NES emulator (FCEUX) you can use a package  that uses the same method put together by Pbanj here :

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