Friday, October 25, 2013

DRIICE Project

   This is meant to be an alternative to the recent "ice" project for steam made by scottrice. There are certain things that I saw about his project that I would like to change. One of which is a nice GUI to use (I know there is work being done already). I have been working on it for the past week or so (on and off) although following a language I don't know makes things sluggish and cumbersome. The actual program itself is quite simple, and so finishing my alternative should be fairly easy.

Progress (99 = done but might make changes):
GUI : 0% "Will work on this last, I usually get functionality working before esthetics."

Names and Categories : 99% "Am able to generate properly formatted screenshot.vdf files for name of app, location, category, etc."

AppID generation : 60% "Currently working on this, This is the key to generating another properly formatted screenshot.vdf file (dif location/dif format) that handles id to game association also used for grid images. I got have the generation and formatting done, just the correct appid is left"

App/image association : 80% "Am able to pick images and move them to the correct location and with correct demensions, but giving them their correct file name (same as appid) is pending on me getting AppID generation working."

== LOG ==

May 13, 2014: Officially dropped.
Oct 25, 2013: Until now I haven't been seriously working on it but today I will sit down with paper and pencil (yes I code with scrap paper - it helps me, don't laugh) and really work on it through the day. Although sometime today my little brother's computer case is to come and I will have to put his computer together which is currently housed in the motherboard box, fully functional lol.

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