Monday, January 13, 2014

MangaHere Search Tool

   This isn't really the initial goal of the program I was working on but I decided that I should make a separate standalone tool for searching MangeHere. This was originally supposed to be a plugin for my manga reader I'm working on but I decided to put out a smaller app just for the heck of it.

Download :

Usage: Run the program, enter what you are looking for and it will do its thing.
Double click to open the site associated with the manga. Press Esc to search for a new manga.

Info: Compatible with MangaHere, displays name and link.
Improvements: I plan to implement a multi-threaded and more optimized version in the final reader for performance as this standalone one is slow for searches that contain a lot of results, will also include more info like rating and summary etc.

1) Single Threaded, kind of slow if search contains many results.

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