Friday, January 31, 2014

MangaHere Downloader

[UPDATE JAN 24 2016] This no longer works. MangaHere has implemented some delayed fetching method which loads the actual image after what seems to be a place holder image (its some GIF). This cant be simply fixed but because I have abandoned this app already I will not be providing any revisions, versions of this app.

Here is a tool which is a standalone of what my final program is going to be. This downloads mangas (completely or upto latest) from All downloaded Mangas are organized in their own folder and in their own chapters in the same location as this program. I think it is faster than MangaRipper but not sure.

Usage: Run the program, type or paste the main url of a manga from and let it do its thing.

1) Invalid Characters for file/folder names which caused program to throw an exception.
2) Added Capitalization algorithm to correct the all caps anime names from previous version.
3) Tried multiple ways of multi-threading and found one that seems to work best.
4) Added folder name ordering for mangas that have duplicate chapter names.
5) Fixed an issue where program completes before all scans are downloaded.
6) Fixed issue where if the number of chapters is less than number of threads, the other threads are
    left idling.
7) Some other things I can't remember at the moment.....


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