Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playstation Color Logo Creator V2.5

Finally wasn't lazy enough to get to work on the next update.
The version is now 2.5 and its more of a complete redo then an update.
Everything should work and contains the word BETA because I wasn't able to test it myself but member RobGee789 has tested and stated it working.

Finished up and implemented the missing things.
Version is 2.51.

Detects when Photoshop is extracting and when its finished extracting.
Save preview image during coldboot packing process, saved in the Coldboot folder.
Code Rebug's Coldboot installer will be extracted to the same location as the application.

Download has been removed

UI has changed.
Shouldn't have packing errors anymore.
Does fine if file-size of logo changes.
No hex-editing.
There are no more arguments.
Like prior versions of PCLCV2, (should) creates/extracts all required files.
CS5 extended instead of CS4.

Not implemented:
Detects when Photoshop is finished extracting (will add in soon).
Save preview (will add in soon).
Have not added Code Rebug's Coldboot installer (will add in soon).

Download has been removed

PS: comments opinions would be nice.


GregoryRasputin said...

Awesome app, i was able to make my first full screen ColdBoot without any problems and the new look is super sexy :)

alienkid said...

Nice as always!

Mistawes said...

Nice, you fixed the problem I had with bigger files not packing. Great work as always!

TizzyT said...

Thanks guys, great comments. Any feedback on if the coldboots produced actually work?
Like specifically the ones that failed to pack on previous versions, I hear that the coldboots are created successfully but was wondering if the coldboots work properly.
That piece of information would really ease my heart as I'm scared my program will semi-brick someones system.
Thanks again everyone.