Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2

Here is the program I have been working on for the past 3 days and I finally finished it. It is a rewritten/remake of the previous version "PS3 Color Logo Creator". This is a complete re-write and I never once looked back at the previous version's source so this is all new. This program is used to make custom boot logos for modded "CFW/MFW" PS3s. I have handled some issues that came with the first version and added some features. There are two versions a "Full" version and a "Lite" version.
The Lite version is practically the same as the Full version and the only difference is that I took out Photoshop in the Lite version. The Full version has Photoshop, look in the program's Help Menu for more information.

This versions is completely portable and will create anything that is missing on its own.
Once the program is ran click on "Edit". Browse to your Photoshop application if you have the "Lite Version".
Edit the logo how you would like it and save as DXT5 ARGB 8bpp | interpolated alpha.
Select "No MIP maps" and save. *(for version 2.1, on version 2.01 and lower leave it on "Generate MIP maps")
Click on "Preview" to see a sample of what the logo will look like. (Optional)
Then click on Create to start making your custom logo.
The Logo will be displayed after it has been created.

To get the Coldboot Installer.pkg included when the logo is created use the /coldbootinstaller argument.
For Windows XP users run the program with the argument /noaeroborder to remove the Aero border.
For people who get the full version who don't have Photoshop use /internalps to extract and use the included Photoshop.
PS: More information on my blog

Since my PS3 is broken but I still want to update this program, I am putting out a pre-release of the next version it is made from scratch so you can think of this as a third revision or something lol. This version has a couple changes that should fix many of the issues that people have informed me of.

-Doesn't do any hex editing.
-Includes CS5 extended (instead of CS4 in previous versions)
-Made GUI smaller but added an actual button for everything instead of small hard to notice question mark and cross.
-Finished coldboot will be created in a coldboot folder which is also create in the same location as this program.

-/internalps to extract and use included Photoshop CS5 extended

What doesn't work in this pre:
-Help menu is not present as program is not complete to know what I need to put in the help menu.
-Preview is not finished yet either.

If you want to test:
-know that this can semi-brick if the produced is corrupt in some way. To fix the semi-brick you will need to go into recovery and reinstall your CFW/MFW. If you don't mind doing that then you can go ahead and test this for me and thank you :). Please post findings/results in this thread.


Very minor update, just added a button to extract photoshop for people who have problems using the argument /internalps.

Playstation Color Logo Creator V2.111 (Full)

The Version now is 2.11
Added save preview features as I see people taking screenshots. The feature is located in the preview window called "Save Preview".
The preview will be saved in the mode the preview is in for ex: if in 480(4:3) then the preview saved is of the 480(4:3), if you are in 720 then the preview saved will be of the 720.
Looked around and even got a PM on an error for people who plan on using their own installation of Photoshop "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document", I included the fix(es) which is installing Nvidia's DDS plugins, located in the help menu.

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.11 (Lite)

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.11 (Full)

The version now is 2.1
I have implemented Full-screen logos, thanks to Glowball1's Help.

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.1 (Lite)

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.1 (Full)

I fixed a couple unwanted behaviors and bugs, added a couple things to make it handle situations where the program would throw an exception.

Logo that fills screen < Maybe sometime soon.
Effects in logo < Might/Might not happen

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.01 (Lite)

Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.01 (Full)


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Glad to see you're still around, thought something bad happened to you, seeing as you didn't post anything for a long time, I'm glad (I'm assuming) you're ok :D

How's your stuff over @

I won't use this, neither have I tried the previous version, an updated version is always welcomed ^_^ so good job :D


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I heard Tizzy has a tiny penis

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Stop using Visual >:0


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TizzyT said...

LOL you bastards at PS3Hax LOVE you too :). I'll write a program in C++ when it is required sheesh is that you Troll? KIP? you hunk of lovins....

TizzyT said...

Yeah sorry ran into another virus, I know sounds like an excuse lol. I am still around still hanging in there, people on PS3hax has been nice to me and at the same time not so nice to me but I love them lol. I honestly haven't been doing anything anime related in a long time, not even watching lol (aside from when I pull all nighters to catch up). I'm not going to lie and say I was busy I was and still am plain out lazy and I apologize for that. I still really do need another machine, one for anime related work as everything on one machine gets me side tracked too easily. For now I'll say stop following my blog if you like but I'll comment on your blog as soon as I start back up anime related works.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to currently find this?

TizzyT said...

The most current version is called Easy Static Raf Converter. Take not that the latest revision has no Editing software included.

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