Wednesday, November 22, 2017

File Trimmer (subData)

Recently I was asked to make a program which copies files in a directory but for each file copied skip the first 0x1000 bytes. I thought yeah sure I can do that lol. I went ahead and worked on it and decided to add a feature. The ability to specify the size instead of a fixed value of 0x1000. The other requirement was that he wanted it to be a drag and drop application and because of that you cant really enter command line args via drag and drop so I thought I'd repeat what I've done before for one of my other programs. I used the file name of the executable to determine the length of bytes to skip.

So if I wanted to say skip 255 bytes I would rename the executable to TRIMxff.exe or TRIMxFF.exe

This has the added bonus of making copies of the TRIMx program all with different lengths to skip and when you want to just conveniently drag and drop your file over the respective one.

The processed files will appear in the same location as their originals with the string "TRIM_" leading the original file name.


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