Thursday, February 23, 2017


This is a tool I made for people who draw on paper and plan to scan their work onto the computer. Typically these scans look very unprofessional due to the paper gradient the drawing is on. for example this drawing I found on google:

Typically its line art which go through this process from what I see my friends do. The process can be done in photoshop or other editing tools but its tedius. I thought hmm, I can make a program which eases everything. The outcome looks like this:

The program has only one option to adjust which is the threshold. The threshold controls how light or how dark a pixel can be to be kept in the image or left out completely (turns it 100 percent transparent). Messing around with this might or might not enable you to get the results you want. Too High and it might keep artifacts or defects in your image which you wanted out, adjust it too low and it might leave out details which you might wanted to keep.

DOWNLOAD: ImageTransparencyInducer

Here are some other before and after examples:

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