Wednesday, December 23, 2015


While working on my game I needed to be able to see how many different colors there were in an image. I figured there were online tools to do such an easy task but everywhere I looked it either was inaccurate or didn't do what I wanted. So I went out and made a small app which counts the different colors used in an image as well as displays how many times each color was used.


Usage: Drag image over application.

Source (VB.Net):


Anonymous said...

Hey Tizzy. May I have a copy of your Playstation Color Logo Creator tool? I used it in 2012 to make an amazing color design for my ps3 but I deleted the tool since then. I'm going for this design then once the ps4 is modded ( very soon I've heard ) then I'm going for this I've saved both videos in case they get removed because I will accomplish this lol I'm 100% dedicated.

TizzyT said...

@Issac King, Is there a reason You specifically need those version? I have made a (in my opinion) better version called Easy Static Raf Converter found here:
If you really must have the older PCLC I'm sure you can find mirrors for them on various places on the net. If you really can't find them and indeed truly need the old version let me know, I'll scour my hard drives in search of them for you.

PS: I will NOT be providing version which include the internal PhotoShop.