Sunday, October 18, 2015

Millisecond Timer

   So a while back I discovered that windows can't do microsecond accurate timers (at least not in a straight forward way). Windows is not real time operating system so events are triggered differently for different computers. There are ways like the MicroLib I found on the internet a while back but it is very resource hungry using up almost 100 percent of one of my cores. This is because it is essentially polling a stopwatch and seeing if the number of ticks is equal to or greater than the specified Tick which is calculated per computer. I have tried to modify it to be less resource hungry but my attempts failed. I recently found some code which utilizes the windows multimedia api to achieve a more accurate millisecond but it was only accurate down to the millisecond and cant achieve for example 16.7 milliseconds. I then thought hey I can put the two together. This millisecond timer can achieve closer to the specified millisecond like 16.7ms which is the duration of a frame in a 60FPS game. Now this isn't perfect but I'd think this is as good as it gets (for me its exactly what I needed). If there are better methods/alternatives please comment or if you have any suggestions or improvements.

[UPDATE JAN 05 2016]
I got around to redoing my GameTimer. The previous one was very inaccurate. For example I would specify 240FPS but it would give me ~230FPS and when specifying some other rates it is also all over the place. This new one addresses those as well as keeping all the features of the old one.

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