Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cleaning up a Yamaha PSR-310 keyboard

So I recently got a used keyboard because I wanted to learn piano eventually. The one I got was very dirty and there were scratch marks, the keys were stiff as well as stuck, and the lowest C key didn't even work. I thought hey lets clean this up and thus started my overnight project (started at ~12:30AM).

First I had to disassemble the keyboard of course:

The thing was nasty inside:

Is that semen?

There was a bit of rust

So I got to sanding

The membrane was nasty as all hell, cleaned it with a dirty shirt, I think it has to go in the trash now

SOOOO much better :)

Rubber pads are nice and clean as well

Now to get to the keys

As you can see its pretty nasty on the outside too

Black keys are cleaned though still wet

Put the membrane back into the keypad frame

Placed the rubber pads on aswell

Now to address the original issue, Time for some lube

Lubed highest key and first key pair and assembled

Onto the second




Finally placed the key assembly back into the keyboard enclosure

Consequently the lowest C key now works AWESOME lol. Completed ~5:30 AM.

I used soap, bleach, and alcohol as cleaning solutions.
Cotton swabs for fine cleaning and lubricating.
Regret using toilet paper to clean, as well as using my dirty shirt.


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