Sunday, February 15, 2015


Here is a little app that will help rename files with the wrong or missing extension by getting its signature. You must know the signature before hand and the extension you wish to append to the file.


The program relies on a file called "sig.txt" to know what extensions and signatures to name and look for.
The format of the list is {extension}={signature}.
example for a .zip file: "zip=504B0304" without quotes.

 ExtensionBySignature.exe [Input Directory(s)]
 ExtensionBySignature.exe /n [Input Directory(s)]

 Every session is saved in a log upon completion.

 /n , /N = NonDestructive mode (files will not be renamed but the log file will stay the same)

Note: Multiple input directories can be used, just make sure to space them from one each other and use quotes where appropriate. If a file already has an extension and the program is going to rename it, the new extension is appended to the end (keeping the old extension in the file name) for future reference in case knowledge of what the previous extension used is needed.


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