Tuesday, January 20, 2015

XMB Wave

     Here is a XMB wave video that I edited from the original to look a bit better (imo) and also to higher the resolution (1080). It might be used for video backgrounds or something, I just thought I'd leave it here.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/cbia0jcrpakpvk8/wave.avi

Here is the original to which I edited:

1) This is the Blue XMB only.
2) The blue is more subtle than the one from the original video.
3) Made the sparkles smaller.
4) Wave is sharper.
5) Banding is corrected.

Thoughts about original video:
1) The video is a lower resolution then I would have liked.
2) The banding was pretty bad.
3) The video is not truly seamless but instead it kind of looks seamless (actually an overlay where 2 wave states are similar).
4) Bit rate was too low hindering the overall quality of the video (to be expected due to it being used for Dreamscene so I guess it's understandable).

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