Tuesday, June 3, 2014

XwitchBot2 Started

Update: Starting over. I goofed and messed up the bot lol but not all is lost I can bring over many of the things from this version. I will be working slowly to ensure no memory leaks and no UI hangups occur. I will also improve on the plugin system giving it more control etc.

For those still using XwitchBot, I am working on XwitchBot2 at the moment. I will post updates on its progress here. The idea is that XwitchBot while pretty functional in itself lacks some capabilities and making plugins is easy but not extremely easy. The UI could also use some work.
 Core = DONE
 Plugin interface = DONE
 Chat UI = DONE
 UserList = DONE
 Options UI = DONE
 Plugins UI = DONE
 Donation UI = DONE
 About UI = DONE
 TwitchAPI = DONE
 IRC component = DONE
 Plugin Manager = DONE
 MessageProcessor = DONE
 Greetings = Redone ~95%
 ProgrammableKeySupport = DONE
 InChat Basic Twitch Commands = DONE
 Timestamps = DONE
 OAuthGeneration Helper = DONE
 ....if more components are added I will update this list including their progress.
The percentages here indicate how close a component is to intended functionality and not an indication of completeness.

UPDATE 8/11/2014
Thought I would upload a video showing what the bot is like at the moment. Its not complete but its very close to it. So here is a video of it doing its thing:

Welp thats that, should be done soon, if me getting kicked out doesn't get in the way.

UPDATE 8/10/2014
Separated the bot and core for use with plugins and implemented the plugin manager.

UPDATE 8/9/2014
Removed the Staff and Admin lists in chat (find them unnecessary).
Fixed random disconnect (had the close events in the paint event handler :P, put it in the mouseclick event now)
Added a reconnect feature just in case of the connection is cut (will not work if internet connection itself is lost or unavailable)
Made the Setup page only show upon start up (no more disconnect feature)
Forgot to mention I implemented all basic IRC commands available to twitch (/timeout /ban etc)
Cleaned up some things.

UPDATE 7/23/2014 (much done today)
I got to DONE status for many of the components on the list and progressed further in some others as well.
Currently working on improving the IRC component though. It's still 100% functional so its DONE status will remain as it. I am making it more robust and processing received messages. I will also be removing the staff and admin areas in the chat as I find them unnecessary.

UPDATE 6/26/2014 (IRC component in place and tested):

UPDATED UI, It is far from complete but here is a sample of the working UI thus far:

[OLD]Well the bot is nearing completion and here is what it looks like for those curious:

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