Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Fixed] EasyStaticRafConverter

Here is my previously released but not working StaticRafConverter. This is the finished and working/Tested release.

This will be the final revision of a Raf creation program as I believe this is the easiest to use. I will still make updates if bugs are found or if something added.

There are 2 ways of using this, One way is to simply drag a supported image over the tool's icon and a new folder is created in the same location as the image that was used. Inside the created folder is a coldboot.raf.

The second way is to run the program normally and select an image. And press Convert after desired settings are selected. Using it this way provides a few simple minipulation features to adjust the logo and there is also a preview button to preview your logo.

Version is now 1.0a (because its a small update)
Added Fill resize option
Saves a preview in output folder
Added a "Specify Output" option to change output location

A fade in/out effect has been requested, I might or might not get to that.

Download: (NEW)

This is version 1.0 of a new revision of PCLCv2.
Adjustment settings:
Resize, Reposition.
There are also presets like Stretch, Zoom, anchor to top left/top right/top center/center left/center/center right/bottom left/bottom center/bottom right.

A modded version of this will be used in a dynamic theme creator I will be working on.
A Fill resizing option might come in later update.

Download: (OLD)

PS: feedback would be awesome :).


momo5502 said...

The programm is great and extremly easy to use, but the dynamic theme creator would be awesome. I'm still using the creepy old method with dds' and zlib combression, cause it fades in and out <3 this one is only static, but a good alternative for people without photoshop. Hope you'll release the dynamic one!

momo5502 said...

Maybe you could just edit the static converter and add fade in/out options!

TizzyT said...

I do plan on releasing when finished but I am somewhat of a procrastinator lol. As like my other projects I will continue for as long as I can but when I finish and when I release is another matter.

-je- said...

thank you @_@

Pablo said...

o thank :D
waiting for new version for dynamic coldboot

TizzyT said...

I wont be working on that until I get a working PS3 again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. My backup drive also messed up so I would have to start to program from scratch, be patient and it will eventually happen.